The Madeleine Moment

Sun-kissed streets are lined with mismatched tables and chairs, perfectly positioned to watch the world go by. You follow the smell of fresh coffee to your favourite patisserie, where sweet treats line the counters to entice passers by. One bite and you’re transported to a memory - The Madeleine Moment is the sweetest of them all.

You revel in a never ending summer, reaching for your chicest pieces. Monochrome Fancies make for effortless style, still keeping your signature flair of course. Nothing feels better than adorning yourself in ruffles and tulle, while soft pinks and Peaches make for a decadent delight.S

umptuous layers of Chantilly cream dare you to take a bite, while macarons in every colour decorate tabletops. A perfect Papillon flutters by much to your delectation - the perfect scene for you and your Cheri to pass the time.

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