Skyline Diaries

You always thought of the city as a work of art, an abstract scatter of angles painted against a crisp blue sky. You and your Girlfriends walk arm in arm, perfectly synchronised as the sun streaks between the High Rise buildings. Home to all the greatest love stories, friendship is no exception - these buildings are your very own Skyline Diaries.

Every street here is your own personal catwalk, and what better palette to break through the grey than bold cherry reds and baby blues. No trip would be complete without a statement collar, but iconic tweed two pieces serve the perfect uniform for a Reunion, coordination is key after all.

Each street corner holds treasured memories of laughs and Gossip. As dusk settles Downtown, coloured lights start to twinkle and wink at you - illuminating a night full of possibilities for you and your friends, after all - who needs sleep when you have the city?

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